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Journey of Doctor Mother Other

Journey of Doctor Mother Other

When we took over Doctor Mother Other in 2020 we loved the look and feel of the brand and the unusual animals that were already created like the skating sloth.

It was such an exciting feeling to be on this new adventure and to have an almost open canvas to create, design and progress the journey of Doctor Mother Other into something new. 

Moving into creating our own designs, we wanted to have new characters and looks that had a story & meaning behind them, not just personally for us as a family but also the little ones wearing the clothing. 

As any parent or carer out there will know, children bring so much energy & life into any environment, they see the things & details that I know personally I sometimes miss now as an adult. And this is where so much of our design process came from, seeing things through our kids eyes. 

Living in Scotland we also take  a lot of inspiration from the things around us like our super fun highland cow, the highland cow is an incredible animal and one we do see often here, their colour and look is so unique and for such a large animal they are so cute. 

One very rainy cloudy day our plans were ruined because of the weather, our son instead of letting it get him down said "its ok lets get our wellies on and go and dance in the puddles." And that is exactly what we did. Do you know it was one of the most fun simple days with our wellies and hoods up splashing through the trees and dancing in the rain. 

And this became inspiration to us for our highland cow design.

Watching our hand drawn designs come from a simple concept through to creation is magical and opening up the first printed baby sleepsuit was such a great feeling and one we could then chat about with our kids with the day we jumped in the puddles. 

We have a really exciting new design launching in the next month or so that was inspired by our little boy beginning school, which was such a momentous moment for us but we will reveal all soon!