Our Story

Just as children are playful and unique each in their own way, our baby and kids wear hopes to reflect these fun & quirky parts of children. 

Doctor Mother Other launched in 2015, run by husband & wife team we recently took the brand over. We love to create products & designs with children in mind, designs that reflect the fun, unique & playful parts of them, wouldn't we all like to be more childlike?

With our own children we were always on the look out for something that bit unusual for them, and a passion for creating & building led us to this journey of Doctor Mother Other.

Doctor Mother Other is an expression that no matter who you are life you are not limited to one role, you can be mother and also a doctor and also other , you are uniquely you, you may be a wife, sister, daughter, tennis lover or whatever it may be , life has boundless limits and potential.

And adults and children alike have the opportunity to be whoever and whatever they put their mind to and choose to become.

Our clothes want to be an expression of this, we have a lot of exciting new products & designs coming for 2021 so keep checking back for more!